About Gold Health

'Gold Health' was formerly known as 'Access to Independence'.

As some of our customers find it hard to get to the shops (or are too busy to do so), the name 'Access to Independence' reflected what we stand for: providing our customers with access to their independence, however, some of our customers found it hard to remember our name, therefore we have now changed our name to 'Gold Health'.

We are still a New Zealand owned and operated family company. We are still the same friendly people on the other side of the phones, we still provide the same 'good old fashioned service' you’ve come to expect, but we now have a new name and a new website to go with it. We take pride in providing high quality products to you at a more favourable cost, which includes free delivery to your door nation wide.

We have been providing these services since 2005 and have a loyal customer base. The support we receive from our existing customers is a testament to our commitment to providing quality value service that is built around you.


COVID19 Notice: 

Gold Health will be staying OPEN during this period as we fall under the category of essential business.

All goods will continue to be shipped by courier.

Stay well and keep safe

The team at Gold Health 

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Super C 600mg Chewable Vitamin C (Gold Health)

Super C 600mg Chewable Vitamin C (Gold Health)

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Super Vitamin D3 1000iu (Gold Health)

Super Vitamin D3 1000iu (Gold Health)


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